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WS350 Bluetooth Earphone

Rock and Roll

The party is on! Wild-U!

A richer music experience with WS350

Your portable opera

Compatible with all types of smart phones, it is equipped with great audio resolution, which makes it possible to distinguish different musical instruments in a musical tune. The dynamic driver keeps drum beats strong and clear even when the other notes kicks in. Bring you the surprising effects that you have never experienced.

Simple design with dedicated skills

By creating the sound chamber crafted in a 10-step process, the crystal sound comes out of its perfect settings. Even after prolonged use, the stability, purity and harmony can also be guaranteed for realizing the utmost functions.

Bluetooth supportive technique

Built-in Bluetooth enables you to talk on the phone during your driving at ease. 

Speed and fabulous

Start your sport mode with the rhythm of WilD-U!

I am always with you.


Have me, to become the highlight in the gym!

Impressive sounding

Along with WS350

Let’s hear the passion and powerfulness.

组 2.png

The complete set

Comes with 5 pairs of replaceable ear buds and additional accessories like drawstring package bag and gift box.